Inspiration from the Violet Seventh Ray


“Being centered allows you to be fully present and radiate your Divine Light.” ~ Linda Robinson



“A bird’s eye view helps you see the bigger picture.” ~ Linda Robinson



“Let your consciousness flow with the present moment. When you remain in this state, you are able to receive prompts from your inner guidance.” ~ Linda Robinson



“Just as a garden has many varieties of flowers, you are a beautiful Being with many positive qualities. Your kindness, caring, empathy, and understanding all make you the special Being of Light that you are.”  ~ Linda Robinson



“Look for sacred spaces in all parts of your life. They provide respite and peaceful pauses throughout your day.” ~ Linda Robinson



“Let your consciousness rise to higher levels. Many new insights are possible when you look at the bigger picture.” ~ Linda Robinson



“The beauty of a flower brings joy to all who see it. Look within to see the beauty in your inner self. ” ~ Linda Robinson



“Remembering a peaceful day at the beach. Visualizing meaningful times can help us relax and remain centered.” ~ Linda Robinson